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Music Tech Europe is the umbrella association of national music technology associations and music industry bodies representing institutions and organisations that are determined to develop and accelerate innovation in the music sector.

As an independent non-profit organisation, Music Tech Europe serves as main point of contact in Europe for innovation in the music sector. Its network accumulates the expertise of some of the most respected European music and technology organisations to jointly push the boundaries of the music ecosystem.

The association brings together its stakeholders at European level and is the largest and most representative organisation for the European music tech ecosystem.

Music Tech Europe was founded in January 2024 and is established as an international non-profit organisation under Estonian law.


Our mission is to facilitate and further develop a strong music tech ecosystem in Europe by fostering successful innovation for the sustainable development of the European music sector and by improving the overall environment and underlying economic infrastructure necessary for European music technology innovations to thrive.

Music and technology have always been interconnected. With emerging technologies presenting significant growth potential and positive impacts for music businesses, communities, and artists, there is a critical opportunity to strengthen the ties between these sectors.

Music Tech Europe is committed to building bridges and facilitating dialogues between the music and technology sectors, positioning innovation in the music sector as a core component of European competitive advantages in the creative industries.


We stand for transparent and efficient knowledge transfer between technology providers and the music sector, collective intelligence, open knowledge, cross-border collaboration, applied innovation of practically oriented and scientific research, greater diversity and inclusion.


Music Tech Europe's mission will be implemented through the following set of activities that address our mission and values.

Initiate discussions on the future of the music ecosystem.