Music Tech Pitch Sessions at Sónar+D 2023

For the second consecutive year, together with Sónar+D and in coordination with Barcelona Music Tech Hub, we organized a session to present music tech projects for professionals and investors interested in the sector.

We brought together more than 100 attendees at the Music Tech Pitch session and had the chance to witness presentations from 10 innovative startups that bridge the gap between technology and music, in an environment filled with entrepreneurs, industry professionals, investors, and music tech enthusiasts, selected from all over Europe.

From impact analytics for events to AI-powered music instruments, the pitches highlighted the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of the music industry.

The following startups participated in the pitch session:

  • Evento Medido
  • Measurevent
  • Sounds Market
  • Daft Springer
  • Aulart
  • RightHub
  • SoundStorming
  • Kieku AI Tools
  • Jamahook
  • Hall Up


Next year, we will again have a selection of some of the best startups in the music tech domain that will present their startups to investment funds and business angels during sonar+d 2024.